Vegan Advanced Box

Vegan Advanced Box

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You have been doing this plant-based thing a while, you know the difference between chai and chia and nut butter is your game.

You love convenience but also like experimenting with new ingredients in the kitchen, this Vegan Advanced Box is your answer. 

What's in the box:


- Outcast Falafel Premix 220g

- Silan Date Syrup 350g

- Almond Nut Butter 250g

- Nacho 250g

- Raw Whole Oats 1kg

- Quinoa 500g

- Pumpkin Seeds 200g

- Mixed Seeds 200g

- Brown Lentils 200g

- Whole Raw Almonds 200g

- Raw Almond Flakes 200g

- Chickpeas 200g

- Raisins 200g

- Chia Seeds 200g