Phyto Pro Thrive Chocolate - 540g

Phyto Pro Thrive Chocolate - 540g

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Phyto Pro Thrive Chocolate

Ingredients: Raw GMO-free Pea Protein Isolate, Fair-Trade Rich African Cocoa, GMO-free Xylitol, Stevia (Rebaudiana Leaf) Extract, Himalayan Pink Salt.

Phyto Pro Thrive Daily Protein offers you a source of complete protein that tastes great, supports a healthy body and a healthy planet and makes it easier to incorporate honest nutrition into an active, busy lifestyle.

Phyto Pro Thrive Daily Protein is  the cleanest complete, plant protein on the market, perfect for use by your whole family multiple times a day, in smoothies, shakes, baked goods and cooking!

Why clean?

Phyto Pro Thrive Daily Protein is built on a foundation of 88% protein isolate, water-extracted from non-GMO peas grown and processed in the EU under strict environmental regulations. This means no unhealthy pesticide or fertiliser contamination from cultivation and no toxic chemical or heavy metal residue from extraction.

Why complete?

Our 88% pea protein isolate contains all the essential amino acids necessary for healthy tissue growth and repair in a uniquely alkalizing, non-inflammatory and easily assimilated form. It is complete in it’s own right and does not need supplementary protein from other plant-based sources.

We always advocate that protein shakes should form part of a balanced wholefood diet. Under these circumstances, your body will harvest protein from all your food sources and any amino acids that you feel may be running low in one meal, snack or shake will be topped up from your other meals, snacks and shakes through the day.

Why plant-based?

Plant-based proteins offer your body the same healing benefits as proteins sourced from animal- and fish-based sources but without the inflammatory disease-triggering biochemicals and without the toxic contaminants found in animal- and fish-based proteins. In the long run this leads to a lower risk for diseases ranging from heart disease and diabetes to autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Why pea protein?

With a clean complete source of plant-based protein, there is no need to rely on unhealthy sources for your daily protein intake. But not all plant-based proteins are equal. Some come from genetically-modified sources, some are extracted using harsh chemicals and acids and some are manufactured in a toxic environment with polluted water and air.

All these result in a cheaper protein but leave an inflammatory residue in the end product, which is passed on to your body, leaving it at greater risk of disease. Our pea protein isolate is the cleanest plant protein on the market. #FirstDoNoHarm

100% Vegan

Kosher and Halal Friendly

Free from artificial colours and flavours, dairy, fillers, gluten, GMO’s, preservatives, processed sugar and soy.

Available in 540g recyclable plastic tub.

Caution: If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, taking prescription medication or have a medical condition, please consult your physician before use.