Outcast Crazy Falafel Mix

Outcast Crazy Falafel Mix

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Who knew that falafels could get even better, introducing the Outcasts crazy mix falafel. This mix of flavours come together to make the ultimate falafel and added Beetroot gives it a purple colour that you could make shine in many dishes.

Simply mix, roll and sizzle.  

These falafels are made using activated chickpeas, are gluten free and vegan. 


This is the crazy falafel with added beetroot, cardomom, poppy seed and a hint of chilli.


Available in 220g box.

100% vegan.


The Outcast Story

Outcast products were born from years of living a conscious lifestyle and experimenting with real, clean food. Our passion is to create tasty plant-based food that is easy to prepare. Because we believe that every plant-based meal helps make the world a little bit happier and healthier.

Outcast falafels were created to have exceptional taste, quality and be easy to prepare. The mixes are made using activated chickpeas.
Each pack contains two sachets. Each sachet gives between 20-24  2.5cm falafels.


  • Activated

  • Vegan

  • Gluten Free