Medium Starter Kit Box

Medium Starter Kit Box

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This medium box is perfect for those who know how to buy in bulk and save. 

This box gives you the whole food essentials and the glass jars you need to get that pantry pimped. 


Here is whats is inside:

- 500g Quinoa White

- 500g Chickpeas

- 500g Oats

- 500g Lentils

- 500g Almonds Whole Raw

- 200g Cashews Raw

- 200g Turkish Apricots

- 200g Cranberries

- 200g Almonds flaked

- 500ml Olive Oil

- 200g Goji Berries

- 200g Mango Strips

- 200g Chia Seeds

- 200g Pumpkin Seeds

- 250g Corn Nachos

- 6 X 750ml Glass Jars

- 6 x 1L Glass Jars