Vegan Expert Box

Vegan Expert Box

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Plant-based eating is second nature, you can whip up gourmet meals in a flash and you have a ton of aquafaba recipes ready to go. We have nothing to teach you! 

The Expert Vegan Box has your name all over it.

What's in the box:

- Outcast Falafel Premix 220g

- Silan Date Syrup 350g

- Almond Nut Butter 250g

- Tahini 400g

- Nacho 250g

- Raw Whole Oats 1kg

- Quinoa 1kg

- Pumpkin Seeds 500g

- Mixed Seeds 200g

- Brown Lentils 1kg

- Whole Raw Almonds 200g

- Raw Almond Flakes 200g

- Chickpeas 1kg

- Raisins 200g

- Chia Seeds 500g 

- Cranberries 200g

- Dates 200g

- Coconut Flakes 200g