Going Green like a pro without killing yourself in the process

6 Easy steps to achieving "Green" status

Of course, it’s easy for people to tell you to just “Go Green” and all the world’s problems will be solved. Simple as that! But it isn’t really that simple and it won’t change the world over night, that’s for sure.

What it will do, is make a small impact and that small impact will in turn make a small impact on those around you and before you know it is a pretty big impact after all!

 How to Go Green

6 Easy Steps to achieving green status:

1. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

The term “Going Green” can be an extremely daunting one to say the least. Where does one even begin to do this? And once you do, this just places a magnifying glass over all the other things you have been doing “wrong” for ages.
Though this may be a hard truth, you need to be kind to yourself and not rush the process, as “Going Green” is most certainly a process. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s a never ending one however, once you reach top of that mountain, I promise the view is a pretty rewarding one.

2. Start small

Select a part of your life you really would like to make ethical choices in, such as areas like food, shopping, household cleaning, body and beauty or gardening and focus on just that area first.
Food Are you currently recycling? This is often a fantastic place to start and it’s very rewarding to see how much less waste goes into your regular garbage each week. Not only that but it makes you very aware of the type of packaging you purchase regularly and where it will inevitably end up, because of your decisions.
Shopping – Re-evaluate where you get your groceries and other items from, how sustainable is that brand or store, what packaging do they use and what do they transport their goods in? An easy solution here is to invest in reusable produce and shopper bags which now come in the most gorgeous patterns. Keep a small bag in your car or handbag so you never get caught without one.
Household cleaning This is something that may take a little longer and a bit more trial and error, until you find new brands you like. Most products will say that they are eco-friendly on the packaging or that they are cruelty-free, so just read you labels and start converting over products as you need them.
Body and Beauty – Animal testing is not just cute, fluffy goats being shampooed with your brand of shampoo, the realities around animal testing will shock you to your core and we don’t want to part with a single one of our cents to organisations that use our money to do this outdated form testing. The good news is there are cruelty-free option for everything.
This is also one side that may take time to find brands you like, it’s hard to move away from perfume and makeup brands you have used for years but start small and just replace stuff as you run out. It helps to research brands you are interested in replacing to find suitable replacements.
Gardening – pest control and poisons are often harmful to the soil, the animals that eat the plants you spray and you when you consume them. Make sure you chat to your local nursery about eco-friendly and natural alternatives and stay away from products that use heavy chemicals.

3. Set achievable goals

Sometimes its easier to give up than to admit you are not where you want to be and that’s partly because we often set unrealistic and ridiculous goals for ourselves. This is something to also start small with, for example, for the next 6 months I am going to work on perfecting my recycling and then move onto the next goal to achieving “Green Status”.

4. Be mindful

Being mindful can mean many things but in this instance apply it to the purchasing decisions you make, where do you buy your food, what packaging does it come in, is it cruelty-free, is it local?
The way you view your world and the things you choose to fill it with, have an enormous impact and the purchasing power lies in your hands. Be informed and make the decisions you feel comfortable with. If your favourite brand isn’t cruelty-free contact them and call them out on it. Consumer choices drive change, so make your voice heard.

5. Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparing your life to your friends Instagram stories is a dangerous path to go down and so is comparing yourself to someone who has been on the green train a whole lot longer than you.
It’s good to remember your journey is unique and what matters is that you on it, not how long it takes to perfect it!

6. Reward yourself for progress

Your 6 months is up, and you are recycling like a pro, reward yourself with those fancy recycling bins you’ve had your eye on or at the very least buy yourself a treat, just make sure it’s “Green”. 😉


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