The What, Who, When, Where, How and Why of Pimp My Pantry

What is PMP?

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Pimp My Pantry is an eco-conscious online whole foods marketplace.

It is a virtual store that allows you to shop a wide range of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, grains, legumes and other pantry fillers. All these whole foods are transported to you in biodegradable PLA packaging from GreenHome.

PMP's marketplace is a convenient way to keep your kitchen filled with healthy foods at affordable prices, while cutting down on your single use plastic. 


Try out our plastic free pantry pimping whole foods shopping experience.

Mother Nature will thank you ;-)


Who are the people behind PMP?

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Pimp my Pantry was founded by myself and my fiance, Tam. We were looking for a way to make eating on a whole foods plant based diet simple and affordable.

Once we found a way to fill our pantry with all the food we love, we realised that having whole foods in the house helps you automatically cook and eat healthier.

I would buy our monthly whole foods supply from a wholesaler and other than fresh fruit and veg, we would need very little else from the shop. This simple change saved us money and kept us eating healthy.

We saw the opportunity to offer this convenience to our friends and family. Now we want to offer it to everyone.

Tam and I are sworn tree huggers and we are on a mission to make an impact.  PMP has this principle built into it.


When and Where?

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It all started at the very end of 2017 with an excel spreadsheet and a gmail account. Organising orders for friends and family.

Pimp My Pantry is now an always on marketplace, allowing you to shop anytime. Orders are fulfilled on a Friday with shipping the following Wednesday.

Shipping from the Mother City to any other Great City in the Republic of South Africa.

Do you know when you need something from PMP? You can scheduling your orders with us so you never run out of what you need.


Words on a wall saying the magic is in you.How?

Pimp My Pantry keeps your pantry filled with all the healthiest whole foods, okay listen, there are some less healthy snacks here, but hey, that's your choice if you need a cocoa almond, you need a cocoa almond ;-)

How does PMP help you save time and money? Browse through our products anytime you like, hell, you don't even have to put pants on. Fill your online basket with the goods you need and have it conveniently delivered to your door. It is as simple as that!

Know how often you need your essentials? Simply schedule the products you need weekly or monthly and save.

Weekly orders are stacked before we send them to our suppliers. This helps to standardize the packaging and shipping days and helps us secure better pricing with suppliers. That's how we negotiate the awesome prices you see in the store. 

Orders are fulfilled on a Friday, packaged on Monday and Tuesday and shipped on a Wednesday.

We have sourced some amazing suppliers that work together with us to provide the products we offer. In an attempt to cut single use plastic we transport our whole foods in biodegradable bags.



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Tam and I believe in a whole foods plant based diet. It changed our lives for the better and we love the impact that we are making through our daily conscious choices.

We wanted to bring all the healthy foods you need into one convenient marketplace, saving you time by having them delivered straight to your door. Making it easier than ever for anyone to start eating happy and healthy.

We imagined, a convenient online plastic free marketplace where you can schedule deliveries of the healthiest foods.

Pimp My Pantry was born.

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