Black Bean and Butternut Quesadillas

Black Bean and Butternut Quesadillas

Easy and Tasty. The perfect, lunch dinner or even leftovers meal. 
The best part... you can fill these little morsels with anything you can imagine, fry them up and BOOM! Awesome meal!
That being said, a firm family favourite is the Black Bean and Butternut Quesadillas.


What you will need:

- x2 large flour wraps

- x2 cup diced butternut - roasted

- x1 can black beans - drained 

- x1 cup vegan cheese - grated

- x2 Tbsp Coconut Milk

- Salt and Pepper to Taste

- x1 ripe Avo

- 1/2 Lemon 



Fry beans at a medium heat with some oil until they start to burst open and are soft, set aside. Reheat butternut if cool and set aside. In a large pan add a small amount of oil for frying the wraps. 

Place a wrap down on heated pan. Mash beans with coconut milk, salt and pepper and smear over half the wrap while it is on the heat. Add butternut and finally grated cheese on top of the bean mash. Fold the wrap in half to cover the bean and butternut mixture. 

Lift the edge of the wrap to make sure the underside is starting to golden brown, slide a spatula under and flip. Fry till golden brown.

Mash avo with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Enjoy as a topping with hot Quesadillas.




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